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Science kits that make it easy on parents to help their child discover and learn!

Levers, Pulleys, and Ramps Science Kit

For Preschoolers-5th graders. Ages 4-10.

Your child will get to play around with a pulley and a bucket, learn how friction affects the speed of cars going down a ramp, and shoot bouncy balls as they learn about levers and force. Activities can be adapted and tailored to your child's age and learning level.

Included materials:

- Pulley experiment - 2 pulleys, para-chord, paperclips, toy bucket, hanger, instruction cards

- Ramp and cars free play activity - clip board ramp, 3 sheets of different textures, 2 toy cars, 2 rubber car erasers, instruction cards

- Bouncy ball launchers - 3 plastic spoons, 3 bouncy balls, 3 wooden blocks, rubber bands, instruction cards

- 4 coloring pages, 4 information cards, activity guide

Thank you for your interest! I am a mother of three small children and recently graduated with my Masters in Zoology. I love helping children discover their world through science!

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