Hi, I'm Kersten! I design science kits that do the prep work for you so that you can simply enjoy your children and help them learn, discover, and explore their world.

About me:
I'm a mother to three beautiful, high-energy children. 

I have an MA in Zoology with a focus on cell biology and genetics.

I have over 5 years of teaching and tutoring experience in Biology and Chemistry at elementary, high school, and college levels. 

I was home schooled up until high school and plan to home school my own children. 

I love the Lord, His Word, and believe that science should be viewed through the lens of Scripture. I've spent many years examining the evidence and have seen countless times that observational science steadfastly supports the historical accounts of the Bible. Namely God's creation in 6 literal days, the world-wide flood of Noah's day, and the age of the earth being thousands, not billions, of years old. I understand not everyone holds these views, and that's okay! This is why I plan to offer two versions of each science kit: one that may have teaching about creation and the Bible, and a second one that will be neutral with no mention of the age of the earth, creation, or evolution. Please choose whichever version best fits your family.

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